Friday, October 28, 2005

Little More Libby

I'd like to THINK I may buy what this guy is saying. But Tom "Steroids Are Baaaaaad" Davis doesn't exactly bring to mind words like integrity and honor when I think about him. Maybe it has something to do with federal intervention into planned neighborhoods in his district, which he seems to think brings the kind of people who would vote his ass out of office. Pussy. But I digress. It sure SOUNDS good.

House Government Reform Committee Chairman Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) was
stinging, saying he was "very disappointed in Libby, and the White House, and
the vice president and the president."

"They should have taken care of this a long time ago," Davis said in an
interview. "They should have done their own investigation. They're going to get
very little sympathy on Capitol Hill, at least from me. . . . They brought this
on themselves."

You can read the rest of it here. Interesting analysis and comments in that there Washington Post article, huh? Somehow though, I can't see the national GOP doing anything but going down in flames with this and possibly future indictments.

Personally, anything that comes back to haunt people so damn obsessed with secrecy and answering to no one makes me happy. The cynical and perverse side of me almost hopes that something comes back to backfire on the worthless Governor of Delaware. After all, when it comes to accountability and honesty she proves that Democrats can do it just as well as Republicans. But for today we'll let the Dems have their day in the sun. They'll figure out a way to fuck it up later anyway.

The "I" Stands For Indictment

Delaware's senators react to the indictment of I. Lewes Libby:

"I take no satisfaction in learning of the indictment handed down today by
the special prosecutor. It is a sad day for Mr. Libby and his family, and
for the country.

"But the system, the rule of law prevails, and
those who break
the law will be held accountable, even if they work in the

"My greatest concern is that America faces enormous
challenges at home and
abroad, and I worry that the credibility of the
Office of the President is
diminished at this critical time when we need it
most." -- Senator Joe
Biden (D)

And further on:

"These are serious charges against one of the Bush administration's
most-trusted advisors. Regardless of your political views, it's a sad
for this country when the vice president's chief of staff is charged
perjury and obstruction of justice.

"I'm dissapointed in
the president. It shouldn't have taken a special
prosecutor two years
to uncover what happened and find out who was
involved. When I was
governor, if any of my senior aides had been involved
in something like
this, I woudl have demanded the truth immediately. If I
had found any
impropriety there, I would have taken action. The president
have done the same thing.

"Unfortunately, this indictment and all
the other scandals that have
enveloped the Republican Party of late are
hurting our ability to get things
done. These scandals distract us
from doing the people's work and coming
together to improve the lives of
everyday Americans.

"When public servants break the law, it damages
all public servants, no
matter what party you're from. It hurts our
ability to govern, and it
hurts our relationship with the American people
who find it harder and harder to
trust our elected leaders." --
Senator Tom Carper (D)

Gee, which one of those statements comes from the guy running for higher office? Well okay, so Carper is facing re-election next year, but it isn't like a credibile candidate has emerged. Biden on the other hand is considered a roving co-host on the Sunday morning shows where everyone knows he wants to run for the White House in a few more years. No matter what your politics, you need not look far to find someone from each side of the punditry saying how it's a great day for their side, or a disappointing one. For me, Stuttering Tom just reinforced why we like him so. By the way, I think Biden was just warming up knowing that the best is likely still to come for him and the other Democrats on the hill. Why use a good soundbite now when more microphones could be thrust in your face?

Media Note: Why Is This Man Smiling?

Perhaps because after his two day suspension this week, it's one more reason why when next summer comes around, it'll be a summer without Steve for WBOC? Now in real life his head is never that big, but when he gets behind camera his ego needs somewhere to go. But for berating some of the idiots there and actually asking for some intelligence to eminate from his news at 6pm, he's the one that gets in trouble? No wonder that station's newscasts are so underwhelming. Too bad we can't get a buck for every time he says this is his last contract there, we might have less time to blog and more time to sail down the French Riviera. But I still have a hard time wondering why he gets in trouble when it's the dumbass producer who nearly made the monumentous (yes we know, but apparently she didn't) mistake.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Delaware's Politics: It's all who you know

The Governor announced today that Attorney General Jane Brady has been nominated for a spot on the state Superior Court, a move many figured would be just a formality after she applied for it earlier this fall. Brady is sure to be confirmed in the legislature, and that will be one less statewide office held by a republican here in Delaware, since most people expect Baby Biden to be nominated to take over the AG's office. Good for Brady, as I have no real problem with her new potential position. But it also makes for what should likely be an easy, easy election victory for Biden and the Dems for another statewide office. Delaware's Republican Party, as dead as the dinosaurs right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't Worry, We Get Ill Just Thinking About Her

So the governor has been laid up in bed the last couple days with a little head cold. I mean geez, I guess I never realized how hard it can be to cut ribbons and attend over-pomped banquets? I mean, first she can't make it to the Teacher of the Year Dinner. That's bad enough. But if she doesn't start taking it easy soon, before you know it when something that REALLY matters around the state comes up she'll be too sick to handle something where leadership is required. What if thousands of Delawareans are about to lose their jobs just in time for Christmas? What if a scathing report comes out suggesting that Delaware's prisons make the Lewes Sewer System look clean? What if our state transportation department happened to run out of money and a giant bridge that is of huuuuuuuuge economic importance to the southern end of the state was about to wash away at the next high tide?

Luckily all is well in this here first state and we don't have anything to worry about. I'll go to bed tonight confident that a bed-ridden governor is just resting up so that by, ohhhhhh, next Saturday or so she'll be back on her feet and raring to go. And when she does, she'll be front and center at a number of important issues affecting all of us. Because that's how Governor Minner does things. Effectively. With leadership. Remember, Done!

Okay, time for another shot of NyQuil!

What's Torture Is Having This Guy As Veep

Is torturing prisoners really going to be that effective? I mean really, the fact that such a large number of terrorism suspects turned out to be completely uninvolved in terrorism (unless being a Muslim is being a terrorist) shows that the roundups of suspects and detainments are at best, hit and miss. So of course, when they detain someone who turns out to be innocent, why not ratchet it up a bit and get them to confess to something, anything? Sadly too many Christian conservatives will likely find nothing wrong with that. The modern day Pharisees have no problem with conveniently overlooking a lot of things that their guy Jesus stood for. It's a shame the bible has become so politicized.

Read it and shake your head in frustration.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Can This Be Changed?

If so, how do we do it? Isn't it time we started doing it? Does the Bush Administration even know they need to be doing it?

• Forty-five per cent of Iraqis believe attacks against British and
American troops are justified - rising to 65 per cent in the
Maysan province;
• 82 per cent are "strongly opposed"
to the presence of
coalition troops;
• less than one per cent of the
population believes
coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in
• 67 per
cent of Iraqis feel less secure because of the
• 43 per cent of
Iraqis believe conditions for peace and
stability have worsened;
• 72 per
cent do not have confidence in the
multi-national forces.
The opinion poll,
carried out in August, also
debunks claims by both the US and British
governments that the general
well-being of the average Iraqi is improving in
post-Saddam Iraq.
findings differ markedly from a survey carried out by
the BBC in March 2004
in which the overwhelming consensus among the 2,500 Iraqis
questioned was
that life was good. More of those questioned supported the war
than opposed

For every post like Arthur's down below, and it's an extremely persuasive argument against the rabid ideologues that have captured the heards and minds of Iraquis, I again wonder if we're fighting a losing battle? I mean, are these the answers, and are the attacks that occur every day the actions of those who want our help?

It isn't like the billions spent every month can't be better spent elsewhere. And isn't it time for other so called "allies" in the middle east to step up and help with the process too? Does Saudi Arabia realllllly think that if civil war continues without the presence of coalition troops they won't be affected? And with the current state of affairs, it's becoming painfully obvious that we aren't up to the necessary task of regime change in Syria and Iran (though who knows what may have happened had we started in either of those countries in the first place, as logic dicated) and failing to achieve that is one more reason I worry we'll fail to achieve what we as a country set out to do.

When our so-called "allies" in the region stab us in the back and offer us minimal support, cursing us in Arabic while praising us in English (and hey, since we fired all the translators for being gay, how do you expect to be able to call them out?) how much can be achieved? When a President lambasts a challenger and distorts his statements so it sounds like he says something about a world's permission slip, and then turns around and lets Pakistan dictate that American troops can't cross its borders (ie; denial of permission, and letting another country dictate our foreign policy), what can be achieved? For the record, I'd be surprised if covert ops weren't there anyway, but still.

It's become transparently clear that after a number of incorrect and misleading statements (mushroom clouds, Ms Rice?) that got us into the war, nothing has been done to correct anything. Those who were wrong get medals for it. Others get promoted elsewhere. And we're told to stay the course which has been so bereft with mistakes and worse, as if things might magically change. Can't someone just wake up and offer a radical change? If we can't just up and leave (and not only do I accept that argument, I think I still agree with it) then perhaps something else will happen to radically change the direction.

Sadly, when it comes to leading I think Bush and Governor Minner studied under the same spoiled brat. Fuck accountability, we answer to no one. And death in Iraq or in a Delaware prison (which these days seem remarkably similar) doesn't prove that anything is wrong.

On a lighter Greasier side

Recently was in Philadelphia, home of the famous Pat's Steaks... what's the best place in Delmarva to get a cheesesteak?

2,000 Dead Americans in Iraq -- Lewes rejoice

Okay, so 2,000 Americans have died in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan says she'll chain herself to the Whitehouse fence, 53% of Americans now feel the decision for war in Iraq was wrong
and the peaceniks in Lewes will most likely be singing a dirge of praise to combat Toby Keith from the opposite side this weekend.... and the big picture is still being ignored. Are we simply at war with Iraq or in a war against radical Islam? Bush says the latter. The liberal media skews the polls by skewing the questions. I was watching television tonight, and it featured a debate between two radio talk show hosts -- one white conservative from San Fransicko, and one black liberal from Chicago -- The tv moderator asked them, now that this poll is out, how do your listeners feel about the war? The Chicago Bull could only spout off "we went to war under the guise of WMD's" -- whereas the San Fransicko could only say the old 9/11 speil... I wish that someone would just tell the truth. We need to fight Radical Islam -- Iraq, America, wherever... and here's why:

a small sampling of the violence just this week:


Nine civilians are killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber on a city street.

The Taliban opens fire on a police vehicle, killing an instructor and injuring two others.

A child is among four civilians killed by Taliban extremists in a rocket attack on a convoy of cars.

Sunni insurgents kill a 7-year-old boy by the side of the road with a bomb that also injured nine other pedestrians.


Three separate incidents include the discovery of eight bound and executed victims, a suicide car bomb that kills two civilians, and a shooting ambush that kills three municipal workers and a passerby.

A man is killed inside his home after failing to heed the warning posters at a local mosque.

Twenty passersby are massacred by three coordinated suicide attacks against a hotel. The bombs were packed with ball-bearings to maximize human suffering.

al-Qaeda militants kill the driver of a military truck with a remote-controlled bomb.

Terrorists execute twelve people working at a construction site. Five of the victims were brothers.


Jihadis murder two young boys riding in a car, as well as two girls, ages 7 and 9, who were standing by the car when the remote-controlled device was detonated.

A suicide bomber kills two civilians and two police officers.

Two civlians are killed by a suicide bomber. Thirteen others are injured.

Three Iraqis are shot to death by Sunni insurgents while driving a water truck.

Islamic terrorists open fire on a group of security personnel, killing three.

A terrorist shoots at a group of three men at a bazaar, killing one.

Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen suspected of bombing that kills a party leader.

Jaish-e-Mohammed members attack and kill two policemen at a market.


Fourteen people are injured, and one civilian killed, when an Islamic militant hurls a grenade at a crowd outside a hotel.

Start adding these up and see how high much higher of a price for freedom we must pay, you commies in Lewes.


What is Most Likely to Destroy Delaware?

There is a poll up on

What is most likely to destroy America:

The Liberal Media 10%
The Liberal Schools and Colleges 11%
Liberal Politicians 9%
Neoconservatives 30%
Fox News 2%
George W. Bush 9%
International Terrorism 4%
Islam 2%
Illegal Immigration 15%
"Other" 8%
116 votes total

I voted for "The liberal Schools and Colleges" --

Wesley college is promoting, tomorrow, a prominent anti-war, liberal speaker to come to campus as a college sponsered event -- encouraging students to attend. In a letter addressed to the college Dept. of Ed's Dr. Cooper, the delaware federation of college republicans questions their motives:

October 24, 2005
Dear Dr. Cooper,

On October 20 you circulated an email message through the campus announcing the visit of Colonel Ann Wright to Wesley on Wednesday October 26. The email notes that this visit is sponsored by the Department of Education. As this appears to be a visit of a political nature, several concerns have been raised among the Executive Board of the Student Government Association. Please respond to the following questions at your earliest convenience.

1. In what way does Colonel Wright’s visit further the mission of the Department of Education at Wesley College?

2. Does Colonel Wright require a speaker’s fee and if so, is this fee coming from the Department’s budget? If not, who is paying the fee?

3. If the Department is sponsoring Colonel Wright’s visit, will the Department also be sponsoring a speaker of an opposing view during the Fall 2005 semester?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and prompt response.


Robin Smith, President

In my own school, it was a constant battle for the democratic vote of my classmates. One instructor even held a seat in DE politics, often railing, in the midst of a lesson, on the Delaware and National Republican party. And without a voice from the right, often won over the minds of my classmates. Very persuasive, he was. Also, a personal friend of Minn, he was.

If a similar poll was made for SouthernDelaware, what would be the choices?

Nathan Hayward?
Gov. Minner?
WGMD Radio?
Liberal Colleges and Schools?
Sussex County Council?
The News Journal?
The media bias?
The Positive Growth Alliance?
Over Development?

You tell me.. and cast your vote.

The feminization of Men continues

Women are sent such a mixed message in the media these days. The Liberal media teaches women a that they should be more like men. "Be more ballsy" "Be more aggressive" "Have more attitude" "You don't need a man to be happy" -- Yet, men are supposed to do the opposite. As a man, if you get angry about something.. And God forbid, yell about it.. you're told that you need anger management counseling. People have become cowards that need to be coddled and treated with an overdose of prozack -- all moods should be evened out. there should be no highs and lows. Everything should be 'easy does it' -- let me ask you, friends, does that make for an interesting life? Everyone immediately shuts off their mental facilities they hear someone raise their voice, they cower in the corner and revert to their kindergarten philosophy that 'Anger is bad' -- Our enemies are angry and backstabbing -- people lie to us -- the world is full of hate, but, it's all glossed over by a faux sincerity. Everyone is afraid of conflict, yet, they lie, cheat and steal behind your back. They covet your property, your girlfriend and your position. They undermine you at every turn. Your enemies are just out for themselves and that makes me angry. I yell all the time. I'm not an angry person, however. I am passionate though. I deal with my aggression by raising my voice. However, as a result, I have to deal with the label of being angry. I recently read a journal article that said that women are told to 'stand up to their man' -- and maybe rightfully so.. there's a lot of woman abuse in the world and women have been treated unfairly in the past. However, the journal article continued, a man is simply supposed to sit down and be understanding when a woman yells, screams, cries and hits him. The minute he raises his voice, the police are called. A Yale study shows that showed that 1 in 4 Americans feel at least somewhat angry at work -- they are then told that the best way to deal with this anger is by "venting" -- by "getting it out" -- People, who are inherently weak, are afraid of anger and conflict. They can't stand to hear it, because it makes them quiver to their very soul. "You're not being a good Christian" --- "Turn the other cheek" -- I don't advocate violence... I don't advocate fisticuffs of any kind... But, I'm always up for a rousing screaming match. I listen to Michael Savage. Savage says that the feminization of men is an agenda of the Liberals. He says that they want to sedate men and sedate the world. Peace, Love and Pot Smoking Atari players. I'm not sure what the agenda of that is, other than to create a weaker sex -- yet, woman are constantly told to undermine their cheating lovers. Men are bad because masculinity is bad. Women are constantly told how to sneak around on their spouse and they're constantly told how to go for the sexiest metro around. No substance. A nation of lesbians. Women for Women, or Women for Feminized Men, or Feminized Homosexuals for More Feminized Homosexuals. Yet, somehow, women still go for the macho abuser. Or maybe that's just the story they've been telling me. I just want everyone to be themselves without fear of being labeled by a professor or doctor or busy old woman. They say that a new sexual revolution is going on, but, it's a backwards one. One of a nation of Playboy bunnies. I don't mind a strong woman who doesn't mind a strong man. It's two sides of a fence... Playboy bunnies vs. Career Gals. While us men are simply being told to tone it down a notch. Don't be passionate, Don't be angry -- just be women. Do your hair, dress elegantly and god, oh god, never show a genuine male emotion... "It's okay to cry guys" -- Yet, I've never known a woman that doesn't recoil at a weeping male. I'm generally happy, but, not happy with the world. It's full of spineless self serving conflict coward. And it does make me want to yell at the hypocrisy of it all.

final thought on myspace

The Cape Gazette picked up the WGMD story on --, I'd hoped to see some news outlet deliver the goods -- to lend credence to the fact that it is not just Gaffney and Crew making a big deal out of nothing. Personally, I hope to see some of these kids be made an example out of... After a little poking around, You can see that some of these kids, especially the Nazi guy, had criminal records. In fact, two Milton teens were just arrested on b & e charges, and the theft of firearms. Upon poking around on some of their sites -- a lot of them have been changed to reflect a cleaner lifestyle, virtually turning myspace into a house of lies. Well, the behavior hasn't stopped, and the damage has been done. Arrest these fools on Conspiracy and Terroristic Threats. That may sound a little harsh, but, I don't mind being unforgiving when it comes the stupidity of youth. Maybe it's because I was a particularly bright kid, never to be found smoking pot at the skate ramps. I applaud Mr. Gaffney in his actions and wish all the best to he and his family. And now you know.... The rest of the story.

WGMD radio host receives threats from students
By Jim Westhoff
Cape Gazette staff

After discussing student web pages on his morning radio show, a local radio host says he has received emailed threats from area high school students.

At least two emails to talk-show host Dan Gaffney show unidentified young people wearing bandannas and pointing guns.

Delaware State Police said its hi-tech crimes unit is investigating the alleged threats.
Gaffney, general manager and program manager at WGMD 92.7 FM, discussed on his Oct. 20 morning show. On the air, he told listeners that Cape Henlopen High School students have posted personal web pages that he finds alarming.

“Off the air, I happened to be reading the site and was concerned about a couple of the kids,” Gaffney said.

“They were talking about being depressed, that their life sucked and they had a gun. I emailed the school and said ‘I’m not a professional here, but this is something you might want to take a look at it.’

“The school took it seriously and looked into it. Then the school approached us to make public comment about it. That’s how it became public Thursday on my show.”

On Oct. 22-23, following the show, Gaffney said he received several emails from students who were upset by his comments.

One student sent a photo of himself wearing sunglasses, a bandanna over his face, pointing gun at the camera, with a caption that reads, “Hey Gaffney, Screw You.”

Another photo has a student also wearing a bandanna and holding what appears to be a small submachine gun.

On their websites, the students have profiles identifying them as students at Cape Henlopen High School.

“Those are two of several,” Gaffney said.

Cpl. Jeff Oldham, state police spokesman, said the photos may result in felony charges. “[Gaffney] could classify as a victim of terroristic threatening and that is also being looked into,” he said. “Arrests could be made.”

Another student, a 17-year-old girl from Lewes, has an online journal that rails against Gaffney. “I dunno about you guys, but I think this is f***in nuts, and somebody needs to shut him up,” the journal reads.

School board Vice President Gary Wray said the school has taken swift action in response to the websites.

“Superintendent George Stone sent a letter to the parents asking parents to monitor the websites,” Wray said. “He listed the websites in his letter. It will go out to every high school and middle school parent.”

While the school is working to make sure the students are safe, this is a matter that should be addressed at home, Wray said. “The parents have to show some initiative here too,” he said. “These are their kids. At the school, there is only so much we can do.”

High School Principal Ed Waples said the web sites are a serious matter.

“We investigated the situation and looked into it to ensure that things were safe, and that the students are not in any danger, or that they are not a danger to anyone else.”

Because of student confidentiality concerns, Waples could not say what action, if any, was taken against the individual students. “I can say that we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of students and staff at Cape Henlopen High School,” Waples said.

Superintendent George Stone said he is concerned for the safety of the kids on these websites. “After talking with law enforcement, we understand that a lot of convicted sex offenders frequent these sites,” he said.

“So the kids may be communicating with people they don’t even know. They can be putting themselves in dangerous situations. They might think they are just communicating with their friends on some kind of private network, but that is simply not the case with anything on the internet.”

Stone said the letter is meant to make parents more aware of what their children are doing online. “We just want parents to be involved, and be able to check for themselves and be sure they are aware of what their kids are doing,” Stone said.

“’Myspace’ is supposed to be like an online journal,” said Molly Lingo, the Student Government Association president. “People are saying it’s a way to meet people, but I don’t have one because I think it’s a little shady. I don’t think you should put your pictures and personal information all
over the internet.”

She said some students are angry at Gaffney because they feel he has intruded on their privacy.
“I guess they think that someone is trying to revoke their freedom. They’re just throwing a fit,” she said.

Lingo said some parents need to take drastic steps. “I think they should take away their internet privileges if they are going to abuse it by going on myspace.”

To view the student websites, go to, click on the search icon and do a classmate search, listing Cape Henlopen High school and current students. At press time, there were about 183 student web pages on

The vast majority of the sites appear innocuous, listing hobbies as riding four wheelers, or going to football games.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Dickie Makes the Big Time

While taking my daily jaunt to the paper mill, and while wzbh rocked a commercial break, i tuned my portable radio to the Gaffney Mourning Show to get my daily dose of local kid bashing. That and my talkerspaniel's barrel of brandy keep the blood running warm, especially on a day like to day when the coast line took a pounding from Wilma. I was quite surprised to hear the Messiah of Delmarva mention our humble blog on the air. Knew if dickie ranted long enough, he'd get some bleedia attention.

Thanks for the mention, Gregsy.

How Is This Funny?

The controversy around these spoiled Cape Henlopen High students continues on WGMD's airwaves, at least on Dan Gaffney's show (and thanks for the plug, Dan). Taken from a link provided by Dan on his station's message board, apparently this is considered funny now.

I'm hardly laughing. But what's even funnier to me is how cool these kids think they are. I mean really, how cool and how tough can you be if you've got to hide in mommy and daddy's house and then cover up your face to point a gun, toy or not, at a camera? I've had guns pointed at me where the idiot didn't bother with covering his face and hiding in his parent's house. That kid wouldn't have the balls to do anything like that, I guarantee it. This front he and other idiot students are putting on is such a pathetic attempt at being cool, it's become just another example supporting the idea that maybe we as a society really have become a bunch of sackless pansies. Too bad there's no real way of making these kids put their money where their mouths are, since they wouldn't have to travel very far to get put into their places. And it's also too bad their parents have allowed their kids to not only remain immature through willful neglect and intentional ignorance, but they've also shielded them from any real accounatability for their actions. Parents, remember you have the right to have a child, but you also have the responsibility to raise it. Too many seem to have forgotten the harder part of the bargain.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sometimes I Wonder Why...

Iraq. These are the people that, right now, we're doing our best to protect from getting their assed kicked and deemed irrelevant from here on out? From this story:

Two contractors who were not killed in the initial firing were dragged from
their vehicle, and one was shot in the back of the head, the newspaper said.
crowd "doused the other with (gasoline) and set him alight. Barefoot
yelping in delight, piled straw on to the screaming man's body to
stoke the
flames," according to the report.

Accountability? Zilch, unless you mean giving out medals of
freedom. Leaving now would probably invite a lot of disaster. But
sometimes I run out of patience.

Media Note: New TV Station Coming To Delaware?

Help!! Don't ignore us! This is Meyer Gottesman of Macon, GA. I am the President
and majority owner of Rehoboth Beach Communications, Inc. We own the FCC CP
a new LPTV station to serve Rehoboth Beach. a-We will be only the third
commercial TV station in all of Delaware! b-We will be the ONLY commercial
station in Sussex county, DE. c-We will be the ONLY commercial TV station
Delaware with both studios and transmitter IN Delaware! Channel 59, about
watts ERP. Our call letters are WRDE-LP. R=Behoboth Beach, the DE is
"duh:!!!!! LOL! I am age 70 and a radio ham since 1950. Was the past
and founder on non-commercial KPOO FM in San Francisco, CA. It is
on the air
since 1973.... . Don't ignore us. We intend to be the finest damn
TV station in
Delaware! Cordially, Meyer Gottesman, W6GIV

I guess my first question is what network he plans to affiliate himself with? It's my understanding (and I could be wrong, I'm no expert) that an NBC affiliate has been allotted to the area, though never used. I also thought the only other TV allocation was in Seaford. But that sort of FCC red tape stuff is of zero interest to me.

My feeling is that this will be a less than successful venture. Though if this guy is willing to spend some decent money on a news department it COULD work. After all WMDT is a non-factor out of Salisbury, and the nimrods that run WBOC could use some competition that actually cares. Don't get me wrong there are some good reporters there, but somewhere a court should order that the management wear more makeup, so that it's evident to everyone that the station is run by a bunch of clowns.

Delaware, Trapped In Its Own Prison

Now that summer is over, do you think maybe it's time for Governor Minner to go back to work? I mean sure, she pops up at events all over the state to cut a ribbon here or shake a hand there. But the state is again taking a pummeling over what happens inside its prisons and there's no leadership to be found.

The Wilmington Snooze Urinal (I keed, I keed!) totally destroyed the prison system with a series of articles that would have you believe that once you're able to get through the chain links and barbed wire fences you immediately enter a third world country. While most state lawmakers are admitting that things may not have been totally accurate, they tend to agree that the substance of them are true.

Senator Charlie Copeland has been out front about this, joining the list of Republicans around the state trying to jockey for position as they look towards higher office (indeed I'm also a cynic), and I tend to agree with him about some of the proposals he's calling for (and what is it about Delaware's Democratic leadership which makes me agree with Republicans so often? Or maybe Delaware's Republicans smell less than some of the national ones? No matter, that's too far off tangent) in terms of cleaning up the filth.

Why is it that the state appears to be doing nothing about the fact that diseases that were close to erradicated in this country, illnesses like TB and such, are festering inside its prison walls? Copeland is right in arguing that things need to change quickly, since 95% of the criminals inside Delaware's prisons are back out on the street someday. The high recidivism rate matters not, since even five minutes with something like TB or an untreated grapefruit sized tumor coming from the back of your head is five minutes too damn long.

But the most galling aspect, and one I haven't heard that much about, is that many of the prison guards in Delaware aren't getting vaccinated or even protected against some of those filth-produced disease. Guards that walk amongst us every day, that have kids who mingle with our kids, aren't getting the very basic of protections.

And where is the governor in all this? Well at the conclusion of the News Journal's series a terse press release denouncing the series and chiding the paper for not printing a letter from Commissioner Stan Taylor was it. This is leadership? Are you serious?

Sometimes with the stories I've heard about her, I wonder if the governor feels as if she's entitled to her office. As if she thinks she paid her dues as a state senator, as Lt. Governor and such, and that she deserves to be governor because of it. I hope I'm wrong. But I'm not completely convinced I am.

The chairman of the House committee that handles issues revolving around the state prisons has been heard saying that even though things may not be as dire as the paper's series claimed, Stan Taylor still has got to go. Since speaking out initially he's since been rather quiet on the issue while other Republicans continue to slam the Minner administration for its inactivity. And rightly so we might add.

Is it possible that Republicans continue to bat on this issue in part because it allows them to gain politically? Most definitely. But while Governor Minner transitions from summer vacation into her fall break (and remember, the holidays are just around the corner!) someone needs to step up and demand accountability and responsibility. It's sad that the governor either thinks there's no problem at all, or that a terse and dismissive press release sufficiently addresses the issue.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

How Dare You Read The Internet!

The fallout from the topic discussed by Arthur down below continues to reverberate around Delaware. I'm curious, were these kids posting stuff like this on the internet born stupid? Or did they just grow up that way? When it comes to the nature vs. nurture debate, I tend to side with nature. (Funny story, a program for us smart kids in college tried to get us to think that you can make the next generation of leaders, while I tended to argue that you were born that way. They didn't much care for that theory. Yet the program was run by a bunch of out of the closet gays who I'm sure otherwise grew up in straight environments. Sheesh.) The basic gist of the argument these kids are putting forth is that they're entitled to post as much personal information about themselves as they'd like to, including photos revealing a violent, gun playing side (and the state police are going to love checking into illegal firearms these stoned fools take pictures of themselves with) or even a more sexual side. That's fine if you're 26, not so much if you're 16, though some Delawareans (you know, the ones from Rehomo) may not mind. Those are the creeps we hear about every week being in possession of child porn.

So as I listen to the arguments put forth by these teens (A battle of wits with an unarmed group of stoners), their assertion is that wellllllll, they should be able to read the news, opinion articles, listen to ball games, and download music, movies and tv shows at absolutely no cost at all. After all, it's on the internet. They should also be allowed to publish for all the world to see any and everything going on in their lives, including who they're getting high with, drunk with, or screwing around with. But while they should have the right to download all that stuff that's in public, everyone but their parents are allowed to look at their websites. Nevermind that they're likely using computers provided by their parents, they actually expect you to not view something that's there for everyone else in the world to see! That's tantamount to me going down to the Rehoboth boardwalk and walking around naked, but asking you not to watch. (though the ladies would surely dig that, yeah baby!) No doubt in my mind, these kids were just born that stupid. And most of the time, I fully believe they inherit their dumbness from their parents, who either don't care or don't suspect that their little Ryan would be capable of such behavior. I guess that's up to the state police to decide, huh? Remember abstinence is the best way to prevent stupid kids from populating the world. That, or I hope you become a Trojan Man.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Smalltown discovers the Internet

Sheesh Gaffney, Open your eyes,.. I listened to a portion of your broad-clash this morning.... Your small town listeners don't know the difference between the Internet and a toaster. "I'm shocked mr. gaffney! Little Graham promised us he'd be a good boy. Sorry Andy, your son, Huck Finn, is out cruisin' for a racist boozin' and slipping darling Sally a Mickey Mantle. "I can't believe it, my confederate flag shirt is chaffing me."

Press Released received from WGMD Radio...

“Blatant operating racists, wanton sexual activity, alcohol and drug use... This is about more than just one kid,“ said Dan Gaffney, host of WGMD Radio’s Dan Gaffney Morning Show.

--editor's comment: calm down tiger.. what a sensational broadcast

During his Thursday, Oct. 20 broadcast, Gaffney alerted local parents of the troubling social trends, disturbing actions and hostile posts of local high school students on Internet based blogs.

Gaffney exposed Web sites, such as and, as world accessible outlets used by local teens to express hate, racism, profanity, self-loathing, alarming violent ambitions and explicit sexual exploits.

“I’m not so naïve to think that teenagers have never done anything wrong or engaged in risky behavior, but what’s mind numbing to me is the blatant publication of it. What does that kind of narcissistic behavior say? You’re going to break the law and then tell the world about it? Talk about a lost generation,“ Gaffney said.

In a letter e-mailed to the principal and superintendent of Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Gaffney detailed one student’s online profile that concerned a possible gun threat to the school and it’s students.

“When I read a kid writing how his life sucks and he’s holding a gun and says he want to quit life, I am concerned,” Gaffney said.

Janine Hanwell of Cape Henlopen’s Facilities Task Force said, “As soon as we were aware of that, we took immediate action. The administration acted quickly to identify who the student was and make sure there were no safety risks to the school.”

However, the scope of the issue reaches further than one troubled student.

During the following days broadcast, Gaffney fielded a myriad of phone calls from concerned Sussex County parents.

“Oh God,” said one local mother after accessing her son’s online blog. “It was mortifying. One kid was taking pictures of himself setting fires at his grandma’s house. And the things that he was saying were the most disgusting things. I don’t know what they are thinking. It was insane.”

editor's comment: The Melodrama Continues

In addition to the shocked response by local parents, Gaffney also heard from outraged students who cited Gaffney’s broadcast as an invasion of their personal privacy.

"Surprising are the false feelings of anonymity and privacy these students believe they have," said Dan Gaffney Morning Show Producer Jared Morris.

--editor's comment: "Suprising are..?" Thanks for your comment Yoda. Go back to Del Tech.

“These kids are acting like we’ve blown the door off their secret club house,” Morris said. “Maybe they don’t realize what they’re publishing is up for the entire world to see.”

After viewing the Web sites, Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf stressed the need for parents to be involved in their children’s Internet activities and for corrective action to be taken by parents.

“I urge parents to go on these Web sites, urge them to look up their kids and be involved and understand what their kids are doing,” Schwartzkopf said.

He said he sees these Internet activities as warning signs that parents should heed.

“Some of these kids, like the guy that’s talking about how he doesn’t like his life, that’s a cry for help.” Schwartzkopf said. “He is posting something on a Web site that anyone in the world can see, with his picture, he might as well just put his name and address, this kid is asking for help, he’s a troubled kid.”

--editor's comment: Right On, Schwartzy

Dale Thaxton of Ameritechnologies, a local computer support firm, echoed similar sentiments. He said parents need to be aware of their children’s Internet use.

“I’m sure there are parents out there that really don’t have a clue about how to get on these sites or how to set parental controls, but, these kids nowadays are so fluent in the Internet,“ he said.

--editor's comment: Let the sales swindle continue

For more information and audio resources, visit The Dan Gaffney Morning Show broadcasts live local talk and community issues mornings on WGMD Radio 92.7 FM beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Friday, October 14, 2005

DSU -- My Cholera of Choice

After a year long investigation, it has been found that a "now former" Delaware Stale University tenured facutly member is guilty of academic fraud in altering appox 40 students grades. According to the News Germ-al, the cholerage is now in danger of facing hard-ships in finding "top-notch" students. Yet, interest in enrollment to DSU by non-minorities is mainly attractive only when seeking hefty financial aid... I'm not sor sure they've ever really had the creme de la creme of academia.

Excerpt from an e-mail sent to Dales by a current DSU student:

To add one more nail into the coffin that has become my flirtatious bout with academia: alteration. Well, according to one of my professors, it was widespread, and he offered a testimonial to it happening right under his nose. Not just with basketball players. Pragmatic, yes they are. He doesn't seem to think it will affect the University, in general (outside the realm of NCAA standing, but who fucking cares about that anyhow). I can imagine the media has probably had a field day smearing the good name and reputation (did it ever have a good one to begin with?) of my Alma Mater. I know not, my good friend. Oh yes, didn't you love the fact that the self-exposed altercator was the head of the Communication Department?
Grade fixing at schools is fairly common, however, much like a low flying aircraft shadowing a tractor trailor, it usually goes under the radar. At my own college it was farley common -- at a time when enrollment and successful completion in your department is at the top of the list of the hierarchy at schools -- many instructors artificially inflate the grade of the entire class just to boost the scores of those two flailing students - often minorities or those receiving a financial bandaid -- who simply must pass -- If you want your record to look impressive or if, in your bleeding heart, you don't want that student to lose his/her financial HIV. Not a Sermon, Just a Trough. -- Dales

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Carper For Veep

The good people at the Delaware Grapevine are quoting Senator Carper as lobbying to get tapped as the running mate for whoever secures the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. While Delaware's other senator, the Balding Biden, is openly discussing his aspirations for higher office and making appearances on the Daily Show when he's not grandstanding in some sort of senate committee, Carper has proven himself to be a more diplomatic statesmen. Biden might sound better on tape, but Carper is by far the more genuine and down to earth politician. He's probably the kind of pol that would never make it jumping straight into the most glaring spot light. But he'd make a great choice as a running mate for someone (besides Biden obviously) which could elevate his profile even more and perhaps even get him into the Oval Office someday. And even if you aren't a Democrat, consider, he'd be better than Biden, right?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is Delaware's Republican Party A Lame Duck Venture Or Bucking A Trend?

A recent Washington Post article highlighted the fact that even in otherwise Republican strongholds, or at least red leaning states, the GOP is having a tough time finding their top choices to run against Democratic senators. Currently the GOP has for the most part the nation's voting popularity in firm grasp, what with a 55-44 grasp on the US Senate and a sizeable advantage in the House. But with all the scandals plaguing the party, much of it brought on by its member's own hubris, it's no longer as fashionable to be a card-carrying Republican as it was even last year.

One state that is bucking that trend appears to be Delaware. If you're up in Wilmington then of course you're laughing. But down here in lovely Sussex the population keeps going up as does the number of registered Republicans. The State House is already controlled by the GOP while the leadership in the Senate are Dems in name only. Judge Bill Lee put up a noble challenge and kept the race close against Governor Minner, who won only because of the voting bloc in New Castle County. Already there's speculation on who may run in '08. First off it'll be a bit easier since Jack Markell (who isn't running for anything but State Treasurer, riiiight) and John Carney appear to be sharpening the knives. And the candidates appear to be testing the waters so to speak. Charlie Copeland, Colin Bonini, and Wayne Smith (especially Wayne) have to make up the short list, though Bonini has already said Lt. Governor ain't a bad gig either. Otherwise they're well spoken, upstate Republicans who can all make the Democrats work for votes. Down the line Georgetown's own Joe Booth could give it a go.

So how come no one wants to step up against Tom Carper? Okay, so the guy like never loses an election. And he's probably one of the easiest Dems to like on Capitol Hill. But for a lot of years now the state GOP has been going down like some of Newark's finest coeds. Jane Brady would rather apply for a job on the State Superior Court than bother with taking on Baby Biden, and once that office is vacated the only ones held by Republicans will be so inconsequential, the only reason Dems aren't holding them now is because they don't care. One way to gain traction for 2008 (a year the Balding Biden is both running for President, and perhaps for his Senate seat again) would be to send up a strong challenge in '06. But just over a year from election day, all we see is Mike Protack, the perenial loser. Of course no one wants to have major election losses on their resume and going against Carper is probably the easiest way to get one. But if the GOP in Delaware wants to be taken seriously again (and quite frankly, if I ever look past the dirt roads that make up Slower Lower, I have a hard time doing that) then the least they could do is TRY and put up a challenge. And that's something Ken Grant and his buddies just aren't doing.

Meanwhile right now as Governor Minner continues to run her administration like a high school drop out, (oh wait) all the state Republicans have been good for is a few snappy quips here and there. Sure they sound good, but when it comes time to getting stuff done in Leg Hall what do they accomplish? Aside from the Democrats' legislative goals that is?

Monday, October 10, 2005

This Guy Loves Hookers

Name: John B. Sorowice Charge: Patronizing a Prostitute Date of Offense: 07/31/2004 Date of Conviction: 08/16/2004 Community Affected: River Road Park

In the great tradition of the Delaware Wanted Person Review and the Sex Offender Registry, The NCC Police have now started uploading images of those convicted of prostitution offenses on their Web site:

"The following persons have been arrested by the New Castle County Police for PROSTITUTION RELATED OFFENSES and been convicted in Delaware courts. Please be aware, that in some cases, it can take more than 12 months for a case to be processed from arrest to conviction."

It's no secret that New Castle is a hot bed for heroin faced prostitues soliciting every poor john and would be john that stops at the red light at the 13/40 split. Forget, I regularly check the registry to seek out any girls who I may have known who attended the Colonial School District with yours truly. Word has it that a few, now augmented, former Colonial students now regularly dance [er, lap] at Wilmington's prestigeous stripclub, Haks (named for former professional wrestler and former owner Hardcore "Sandman" Hak.) You know if I'd of known in High School all I would have had to do was show these girls my checkbook, I would've been a lot less lonely. Still haven't seen any appear on the registry though.

I've got my fingers crossed regarding the Ogletown brothal bust. More than 20 people were arrested at this Harmony Rd. house of ill repute. All my years in the Northern reaches of the first state, I was only propositioned by horrible gangly prostitutes. And boy were there a lot of them.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

MBNAs Sweet Severance


Word has it that the buyout, however, has not been offered to upper middle management and many many others -- including those in the IT division -- that being said, the fable that the MBNA sale will not cause jobloss in the first state is an utter farse. Hence -- The perils of the banking industry -- The stronghold of Northern Delaware's economic base. Not built on a solid foundation after all. And the sad part, it will all happen again and again -- as it does in the endless cycle of bank takeovers. From Delaware Trust, to Corestates, to First Union to Wachovia -- MBNAs employees are just the latest suckers to sup upon the lies of the banking lollypop. Besides, everyone knows that the media is where the money and security really is.

WILMINGTON, DEL. (Oct 8): MBNA employees who are not offered jobs with the Bank of America now know terms of a new severance package.

The credit card company has been the focus of a $35 billion takeover by Bank of America, of Charlotte, N.C. If approved by stockbrokers and regulatory agencies, the buyout is expected to be finalized by Jan. 2, 2006.

At that time -- and following restructuring -- some 6,000 employees of both companies are likely to become unemployed, according to estimates offered by both Bank of America and MBNA.

Now, according to the Delaware News Journal, MBNA employees -- from hourly employees to middle and upper management -- know the severance range that will be given anyone not offered a comparable position with Bank of America.

MBNA also operates call centers in Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Canada, Ireland, England and Spain.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Enough Tomfoolery

Vince Vaughn put it best in "Old School" saying: "Legally speaking there will be a loose affiliation. But, we will give nothing back to the academic community. As well as provide no public service of any kind. This much I promise you."

Now that we've had a bit of Friday afternoon fun, lets be somewhat serious. Rep. Mike Castle (R) is again defying the Bush Administration, this time supporting measures to establish guidelines for the interrogation of detaines both in Cuba and elsewhere around the world. The Bush Admin. was royally pissed at the US Senate for passing it earlier this week. I'm guessing any even sliver of hope Castle may have had for his stem cell bill just got Abu Ghraibed.

Though as personal preference, the day that Republicans like Castle are given more relevance and consideration will be a good one in America. And to those loons on the right who think Castle is the best Democrat that Delaware has, well, a few more D's in congress wouldn't hurt right now. It isn't like the Republicans have exactly behaved with the keys to the gavel since taking power in 1994.

Mmmmm Scarlett Johannson

Sorry Sonny, Arthur Dales just voted Scarlett Johannson as the sexiest person alive. Sorry Minn. I'd take you out to dinner if you were a little thinner. But, Like the polka goes. I don't want her, you can have her, she's too fat for me. Or maybe it's the way that she only blossoms towards the North. I would've just made this a bloody comment to the last post, but, It wouldn't let me post this amazing image of my babydoll. Dunn, you can have Jess -- I'm transfixed on the girl above. Newsworthy? Nope. Get out of Hollywood and into my bed.

Mmmmm Jessica Biel

Esquire Magazine has named Jessica Biel their "Sexiest Woman Alive" in an upcoming issue. Really, I have no complaints with that, and want to personally thank the magazine for bringing more pics of the incredibly hot, though incredibly mediocre actress to my mail box. The future Mrs. Dunn as I prefer to call her is extremely underrated in the looks department if you ask me, so any recognition is always welcome.

I do want to dispel one rumor though. Governor Minner did not come in a close second for the title. That is all.


It's been called to my attention that we may be in for a bit of rain all weekend. The days worth of cloud cover and such not really providing a good enough clue. I can only imagine that channel 16's portly weather guy will blow everything out of proportion, and compare the trailors from Pot Nets that will be seen floating away into Indian River Bay with Noah's Arc. Well, I guess better Mother Nature give him a hard on than the females on staff that he creeps out all the time.

We're an organized bunch

So Lush won't be posting much, syphillis being the nasty problem it can be. So you'll get me instead. I'll just be trying to capture the spirit of the thing.

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