Monday, October 10, 2005

This Guy Loves Hookers

Name: John B. Sorowice Charge: Patronizing a Prostitute Date of Offense: 07/31/2004 Date of Conviction: 08/16/2004 Community Affected: River Road Park

In the great tradition of the Delaware Wanted Person Review and the Sex Offender Registry, The NCC Police have now started uploading images of those convicted of prostitution offenses on their Web site:

"The following persons have been arrested by the New Castle County Police for PROSTITUTION RELATED OFFENSES and been convicted in Delaware courts. Please be aware, that in some cases, it can take more than 12 months for a case to be processed from arrest to conviction."

It's no secret that New Castle is a hot bed for heroin faced prostitues soliciting every poor john and would be john that stops at the red light at the 13/40 split. Forget, I regularly check the registry to seek out any girls who I may have known who attended the Colonial School District with yours truly. Word has it that a few, now augmented, former Colonial students now regularly dance [er, lap] at Wilmington's prestigeous stripclub, Haks (named for former professional wrestler and former owner Hardcore "Sandman" Hak.) You know if I'd of known in High School all I would have had to do was show these girls my checkbook, I would've been a lot less lonely. Still haven't seen any appear on the registry though.

I've got my fingers crossed regarding the Ogletown brothal bust. More than 20 people were arrested at this Harmony Rd. house of ill repute. All my years in the Northern reaches of the first state, I was only propositioned by horrible gangly prostitutes. And boy were there a lot of them.


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