Saturday, December 17, 2005

Don't Be That Guy

So I head off to the post office today, doing my best impression of Santa Dunn with Christmas presents going all over the country. With boxes up to my head, and none of them all that light, it figures that the line is long. But damn if half the assholes in line didn't just walk up and ask for a book of stamps. Honestly, these fuckers all just walked right past the stamp machine that's in the back of the lobby that's devoid of any line what-so-ever. Seriously, all they had to do is walk right in, drop a few bucks in the machine, get their stamps and walk right on out. Single stamps, two stamps, or a book. Whatever, it's ALL there! But no, while saps like myself have big ass boxes stacked up in our arms, these douchebags had to wait in line and all for just a book of stamps. Please, be considerate. Peace. Love. Happiness. Good will to men who carry large ass boxes too. Thanks, Merry Christmas. Your line is over there though.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Carper To Dean: Shut The #*&)!@ Up!

Word has quickly spread from upstate down to us here in Sussex that Tom Carper recently told a reporter from the News Journal that the next time Howard Dean wants to comment on the situation in Iraq he'd do well to go there himself first. It'll be part of a story sometime next week.

Again Carper showing his moderate tendencies in the Democratic Party, while Whacko Howie continues to do his best to erase all the gains being made on the current corrupt Republican establishment. Hopefully Carper's rebuke is one of many that will come from Democrats on The Hill. Joe Biden, we may have to watch you with Stephanopolous to see if you'll say the same thing. I'm not sure anyone will argue that the situation there is all fucked up. I'm not sure it can be argued that things aren't going well there. But to say we flat out won't win there? The best thing Dems might think about doing would be to nudge Dean and his Deaniacs out of the way and preach a more moderate message, which is only what the whole country is begging one party to deliver.

Meanwhile, why would the News Journal save a slam like that for days later? That's truly baffling, since a story like that would most likely echo across the blogosphere. This is not a story to sit on for a few days so you can tie it into something else like they're supposedly doing. Print it, it's news as it is by itself.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Beau Biden's Campaign Kicks Off Today

Of course, that'll happen when Carl Danberg is sworn in as the new Attorney General here in Delaware. He'll only serve for about 11 months or so, until Beau Biden beats some lamb offered up by Republicans just so they can say they tried. I wonder though if he'll be his own AG, or if he'll just campaign for baby Biden all year? I just hope the answer I want and the right answer are both the same.

I'm worried though that this will be a rather weak AG's office this year. Danberg has made it clear from the get go that he's only doing this because Biden is letting him. That's not exactly inspiring to the citizens of Delaware. Especially from someone who is supposed to uphold the law.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Should I Feel Bad For Feeling Good?

We feel bad for Nathan Heyward getting cancer. We really do. But we just wish that he was leaving DelDot for other reasons. Such as the fact he didn't do a very good job and the agency became among the more mismanaged and problematic ones in Delaware. So the good news is that Delaware is getting a new DelDot secretary. The bad news is, it's for the wrong reasons.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yeah, That's Why

Anyone else catch where Frank Infante's wife claims her husband called her a "junkie wife?" All because he didn't want a ham and cheese sandwich? Seriously, that's why he called her a "junkie wife?!?!" Because of lunch meat?!

Yeah, THAT'S why he called her a "junkie wife," suuuuure it is. It's the ham and cheese sandwiches. If you believe that then you should buy me a ham and cheese sandwich too. More likely, he called her the "junkie wife" as she was serving a ham and cheese sandwich. I hope he didn't forget her cheetos. The scales of justice are a little off balance these days.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Seriously, Someone Finish The Job

How in the name of all that is good AND entertaining, can the same network that gives us the wit and intelligence of Keith Olbermann for an hour every night then turn around and give an hour to the most unintelligent, dimwitted, and otherwise jizz covered fingernails on a chalkboard Rita Cosby?

Honestly, with a voice that sounds like a wolverine ripped out half her vocal chords you'd think she'd have nooooooo business even speaking into a microphone. Seriously no matter what she said, and we knooooow it wasn't worth listening to, the first dipshit producer that gave her a microphone should never work in TV again. Though chances are there is a management position at one of the TV stations in Salisbury awaiting them. Will somebody please reach down into that wind tunnel of worthlessness that is her throat and take the rest of those vocal chords out though? Pretty please?

And it wouldn't be so bad if the douches at the network didn't feel that the same people who watch an intelligent and entertaining show hosted by Olbermann, one that's both informative, off-beat, and otherwise fantastic, with a wasted hour talking about Natalee Holloway. Honestly, has no one else disappeared in this world? You mean no one is kidnapped and/or killed but her, on a "school trip" to a fucking Carribean Island? Just one pretty white girl, with substantial naivete and poor judgement, with good looks and a face that looks more innocent than it apparently was is the most worthwhile news story of all of 2005. MSNBC MUUUUST spend one show talking about the latest developments, though last I checked there was no body just lots of pretty shark bait, because it matters that much. Please, stop it.

And get Rita Cosby off my fucking television.

Where's Dales? In bed w/ the CIA like Reho

I heard a wacky story on WGMD radio this morning regarding a suspected CIA link and a local Rehoboth Lawyer. I have suspended my month long silent protest of Delawired to post the information garnered from this credible broadcast.

In the following article from the associated press in Romania, notice the link between Rehoboth’s Path Corp and the suspected CIA torture planes.

Further Research indicates that airplanes spotted over many foreign countries, including the icey Iceland, that are said to contain terror suspects escorted by the CIA, are registered to a local Rehoboth company.

N-Number Search

Aircraft Serial Number
Aircraft Manufacturer
Aircraft Type
Fixed wing multi engine
Aircraft Model
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Engine Model
Year Manufactured
Registration Date
07 May 1990
Airworthiness Certificate Type
Approved Operations
The Triennial Aircraft Registration form was mailed and has not been returned by the Post Office.
Aircraft Transponder Code

Information on the above address: One Barbara O’Leary, a real estate lawyer located on Rehoboth Ave.

What we know: Planes spotted in foreign nations contain registration designation registered to the Path Corp of Rehoboth Beach. The address is merely that of a local Real Estate Lawyer.

Any attempts to reach this lawyer have been halted.

Is there really a CIA link to Rehoboth Beach? Are these Really Shell Corporations operating Covertly right before our eyes? Was this really fit for broadcast this morning? Doubt It, clayton.


AP Story:

Nov 25, 9:13 PM EST
Investigator Says Big CIA Prisons Unlikely
By ALISON MUTLER Associated Press Writer
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- The head of a European investigation into alleged secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe said Friday it was unlikely that there were large clandestine detention centers in the region.

Dick Marty, the Swiss senator heading the investigation on behalf of the Council of Europe, said he did not believe a prison like the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was possible in the region.

"But it is possible that there were detainees that stayed 10, 15 or 30 days," Marty told reporters, without referring to any country. "We do not have the full picture."

Marty was in Romania for a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
The council's secretary general, Terry Davis, said he has written to its member nations asking them if they have laws to prevent the transportation of prisoners and secret prisons. The countries have until Feb. 21 to respond.

The council, Europe's main human rights watchdog, began investigations after the Washington Post and Human Rights Watch published reports about CIA planes transporting suspected terrorist through European countries and raised the possibility that the CIA had set up secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe.

Human Rights Watch said flights stopped at the Romanian air base of Mihail Kogalniceanu and Poland's Szczytno-Szymany airport, basing its information on flight logs of suspected CIA aircraft from 2001 to 2004.

Romanian leaders and the Pentagon have denied that the Mihail Kogalniceanu base ever hosted a covert detention center, and the Romanians insist the United States never used it as a transit point for al-Qaida captives. Poland's prime minister said the reports were worth investigating.
The CIA has refused to comment on the European investigation.

Marty has asked the Brussels, Belgium-based Eurocontrol air safety organization to provide details of 31 suspected aircraft that landed in Europe and, according to Human Rights Watch, had direct or indirect links to the CIA.

The Dutch government confirmed Friday that a plane landed at Amsterdam's airport last week belonging to Path Corp., a company previously linked to the CIA.

Also Friday, the Portuguese government said it was consulting with the U.S. government after Diario de Noticias reported Friday that 34 planes that landed in Portugal over the past three years were suspected of involvement in secret CIA operations.

Spanish authorities have investigated at least 10 stopovers on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca by private planes described in Spanish media reports as being operated for the CIA, and a smaller number of similar stopovers in the Canary Islands.