Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What is Most Likely to Destroy Delaware?

There is a poll up on smashleftwingscum.com

What is most likely to destroy America:

The Liberal Media 10%
The Liberal Schools and Colleges 11%
Liberal Politicians 9%
Neoconservatives 30%
Fox News 2%
George W. Bush 9%
International Terrorism 4%
Islam 2%
Illegal Immigration 15%
"Other" 8%
116 votes total

I voted for "The liberal Schools and Colleges" --

Wesley college is promoting, tomorrow, a prominent anti-war, liberal speaker to come to campus as a college sponsered event -- encouraging students to attend. In a letter addressed to the college Dept. of Ed's Dr. Cooper, the delaware federation of college republicans questions their motives:

October 24, 2005
Dear Dr. Cooper,

On October 20 you circulated an email message through the campus announcing the visit of Colonel Ann Wright to Wesley on Wednesday October 26. The email notes that this visit is sponsored by the Department of Education. As this appears to be a visit of a political nature, several concerns have been raised among the Executive Board of the Student Government Association. Please respond to the following questions at your earliest convenience.

1. In what way does Colonel Wright’s visit further the mission of the Department of Education at Wesley College?

2. Does Colonel Wright require a speaker’s fee and if so, is this fee coming from the Department’s budget? If not, who is paying the fee?

3. If the Department is sponsoring Colonel Wright’s visit, will the Department also be sponsoring a speaker of an opposing view during the Fall 2005 semester?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and prompt response.


Robin Smith, President

In my own school, it was a constant battle for the democratic vote of my classmates. One instructor even held a seat in DE politics, often railing, in the midst of a lesson, on the Delaware and National Republican party. And without a voice from the right, often won over the minds of my classmates. Very persuasive, he was. Also, a personal friend of Minn, he was.

If a similar poll was made for SouthernDelaware, what would be the choices?

Nathan Hayward?
Gov. Minner?
WGMD Radio?
Liberal Colleges and Schools?
Sussex County Council?
The News Journal?
The media bias?
The Positive Growth Alliance?
Over Development?

You tell me.. and cast your vote.


At 7:14 PM, Anonymous M.Opaliski said...

Of those on the list for lower Delaware, have to go with the SC Council ...

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

If we buy the Sussex County Council, can you throw out a worthless Governor and a slimy DelDot secretary too? Make it a package deal?

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Smash Left Wing Scum Dot Com?

As a liberal, I have to assume that that means me. Why, therefore, would I take part in this discussion? I'm probably not the only person who will be turned off by that sort of language. So, your survey will be answered by only people on one side of the discussion (with a few feisty exceptions out spoiling for a fight).

Is that really helpful?

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

Geez Mike, you missed the entire point. All that site (and come on, if you can't at least laugh at the absurdity than may I suggest you go tip a few back at Irish Eyes and then rejoin us?) did was set up a more legitimate question, one that was similarly posed on Delavoice.com. Their poll was asking who the 50 people hurting Delaware were. This one asks who is the worst for Slower/Lower. Surely around here, you and your liberal largess can find someone to fault, right?

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Sorry man, I don't find negative discussions useful. Why not ask what or who is most likely to help Delaware?

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

Hmm, how about Governor Bill Lee? Or Governor Frank Infante. Either one would be a gazillion times better.

How about Senator Thurman Adams announces his retirement.

How about the legislature passing Gerald Hocker's bill to increase the number on the Sussex County Council?

At 12:50 AM, Blogger Arthur Dales said...

Mr. Infante... He's got my vote. I agree. As for ashleftwingscum.com, just citing my sources... omething legitimate news people fail to do sometimes.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous PolitaKid said...

"Destroying" Delaware might be an exaggeration, but the News Journal comes the closest. As the only statewide media outlet they have a responsibility to provide balanced, fair reporting. But they fail to do so miserably. Why? Because there's no competition, so they can do whatever they want to.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Arthur Dales said...

No competition? What about you Pots? Downstate, there's plenty of news rags that I wipe my ass with as effieciently as the New German. Now that's fair and balanced. Statewide Media Outlet = Internet.

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous M.Opaliski said...

Adams did say he wasn't running again, of course that was back in 2002 before his latest re-election, and now the only thing he says is he's not sure, depending on who you ask or what you read, but what else would you expect from a career politician who has held a seat in the Senate since the early 70's, and spent 9 years on the Highway Commission before that was abolished ...

Infante would get my vote again, and again, and again ... Good luck if he runs. Bill Lee, no thanks, would rather not have a Governor that was 40 years in the making, from the days when he ran the SCRC from the front to the time that he ran it from behind the scenes, pass, pass, pass ...

Increasing the number of Council members, no. Same goes for the legislature, and for the same reasons ... if you don't think that your representative/senator/councilman is doing the job, for whatever reason, replace them ... if the representative/senator/councilman feels that they can't do the job because there are too many constituents, quit.

Let's not grow the Gov't too willingly now, huh ?

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

If it's not time to expand the County Council, then it's certainly time to redistrict. Three hillbillies west of Route 113 seem to have no regard for those of us to the east of that line of demarcation. And I wouldn't trust any of those five for nuthin. But alas, here in Delaware, winning an election once apparently means you'll win one forever, unless you're Shirley Price.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Arthur Dales said...

"Three hillbillies west of Route 113 seem to have no regard for those of us to the east of that line of demarcation"


At 3:36 PM, Anonymous M.Opaliski said...

It's nice to say that the lines should be redrawn whenever it suits, but there are laws to follow and its not called for but once every 10 years, or more so, based on the decenial census information ... so, in about 6 more years, they'll do it again.

The current districting was approved in October of 2001 with a breakdown close to the following in terms of population ... Dukes(1) 29,800, Jones(2) 31,200, Rogers(3) 31,500, Cole(4) 31,300 and Phillips(5)32,600

Dukes(1) represents a district that is exclusively on the west side of Rt 113, Jones(2) and Rogers(3) both have districts that overlap Rt 113, Phillips(5) has a district that stretches from one side of the couty to the other, thus covering both sides of Rt 113 and Cole(4) has an area exclusively east of Rt 113 ... seems pretty even, no ?

At 4:43 AM, Blogger Mike said...

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