Friday, March 03, 2006

Why The State GOP Doesn't Win Elections

This has Mike Protack written all over it. One day, maybe two after Jan Ting entered the race for Senate Protack issued a press release ripping Ting for using immigration as his big issue. Protack chided Ting for being concerned about immigration now, when he worked in INS 15 years ago. Because apparently Protack was the only one back then who foresaw the massive influx of illegal immigrants and all that it would bring.

Now on the eve of a big GOP dinner and straw poll, letters have been circulated to GOP big wigs ripping Ting for being anti-Vietnam back in the 60's. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!!

I guess Republicans in Delaware are in awe that Tom Carper flew a navy jet in that war. Not to denigrate Carper in any way, I like the guy, but at this point Vietnam service doesn't really mean anything to anyone. If anything Ting was ultimately on the right side of that issue way back when. But apparently his protests of the war are a weak spot for him. Well, I guess that's if you really want to see Protack try and break that 15% mark in a general election.

Now the airline pilot may or may not be behind it. We don't really know yet. But there may exist a deal between Protack and the GOP in Delaware that if by a certain date later this year, if it appears that someone else is the guy the GOP wants Protack will back out. That means, no bitter primary. Even if that's the case though, I'm doubtful Protack follows through on it. And this could be the latest of many slimy attacks between now and that date as Protack tries to protect his candidacy. But even as Protack may attract a few votes here and there to his side, he's alienating many more Republicans in the state. Before he was seen as a major annoyance. I'm sure a big chunk of the party would love to be able to dispel him from their ranks. But if this keeps up, there won't be many Republicans in his party willing to issue even a no comment when asked about him. Mike, many in your party are ready to turn on you viciously. It's going to start coming soon, too.

Some blame Protack for Judge Lee not being the current governor of Delaware. The state GOP finds a great candidate to challenge Carper, and even if at his best Ting may not be able to match up with Carper this year, if Protack keeps playing dirty it may be the straw poll that breaks the elephant's back. Republicans already say Protack is the best thing the Democrats have going for them. That isn't a compliment. Though it does appear like he's going to prove that adage once again. I think this is the first time I've seen a political party actually hate one of their own candidates for a major office. Let me put it this way; the Democrats could run Barbara Lifflander for statewide office and if her opponent was Protack she'd win easily.

Am I clear now?

Why Biden vs. McCain Would Be A Dream

First off, who knew that the latest issue of GQ (the one with that dude from Lost on the cover) had a profile of Biden inside? It's a pretty interesting read. Certainly paints a different picture of the man from what I hear down here in Sussex, including from some Dems.

Anyway, deep into the article it mentions a pledge that Biden and McCain made to each other that if they're the nominees for their parties, they'll actually campaign TOGETHER. Not as a joint ticket, but to actually show up at places and hold impromptu debates with each other. Supposedly like Kennedy and Goldwater agreed to do in '64. Can you imagine McCain and Biden duking it out in a respectable manner all through 2008's cycle?

Of course, as GQ said immediately after that statement:

"It's a lovely notion, isn't it?
What's likelier to happen is that the bloggers and the talk-radio loudmouths will try to bury a Biden candidacy in 1987's muck."

Right now my gut tells me neither one win the nomination anyway. Some days I think Biden would be fine, more often though I think that not only is there no way he gets it but it's better that way anyway. Luckily it's still 2006. Besides, it'll be more fun to see how many Republicans Mike Protack can piss off between now and the summer. Mike, I know the airline industry is tough but if you want to endear yourself to the party you've got to change your slimy ways. Right now, you're just not well liked.

Additional Comment: Biden stressed repeatedly through the article that he felt one thing working against him was that he wasn't liberal enough for the Democrats. I read that and I think to myself you know, Biden is to the left of me. But I think Bush is awful too. Where exactly do I sit then? Thinking about it more though, I think that's more Biden trying to appeal to middle America. On foreign policy though, if I think back to a lot of what he's said over the last few years it's not that bad. Yeah, he talks a lot. Yeah, he's more politics than he is real. Yeah, if you're not Meet the Press or Chris Matthews he doesn't have time for you. Yeah, I'm not saying this with much certainty yet. But, after reading that article, maybe he isn't that bad? Good thing 2008 is a long way away. If foreign policy will be the most important Presidential focus over the next several years, the Dems, and this country could do a lot worse I guess. Even if they could do better too.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

IR School Board Ready To Piss Away Taxpayer's $$$

To those that congregated at the special school board meeting earlier this week, it was a gutsy move. They stood up for principle. Stood up against the ACLU. And as they're going to find out, stood up to their insurance company and the lawyers involved by telling them all to fuck off. No one is going to tell the Indian River School Board they can't take the time during school board meetings and other school-related functions to pray "in Jesus' name."

No one said that board members and anyone else involved in the schools can't take their own time to pray. If I'm not mistaken, part of the deal with the ACLU and the plaintiffs in the matter is that all non-denominational forms of prayer and thanks would be perfectly acceptable. But that isn't good enough, not in a place where ACLU is a four letter word. Rumors are abundant that not only did they want the righ to pray the way they want to, but they also sought hard to squash anyone else's attempt at religious content that didn't conform to their style of Christianity.

Ultimately this is going to be a colossal embarassment for the board members. I have a better chance of getting enveloped in a sizzling and torrid affair with Jessica Biel than these folks do of winning their case. The settlement negotiated by their lawyers and the plaintiffs would have meant a $1 million payoff. Now? Who knows. When they lose their insurance company will be absolutely livid after the insurer's lawyers were told to go to hell. IR taxpayers, welcome to a property tax increase. The damages awarded will be likely more than a million dollars I'm sure. That'll lead to a bigger increase. And of course, the cost of paying Neuberger and all the associated court costs will have to ultimately lead to yet an even bigger tax increase. Well, either that or else residents better not expect any sort of services next year.

Later this year you can expect a proposed bill to circulate through Dover that would absolve school board members from being named as defendants in future cases, thus making sure they never have to pay out of their own wallets anything when the board gets sued. Whether there's enough support in the legislature to pass it remains to be seen, but if some have their way it will be. But one can only hope that ultimately, when the IR Board gets smacked down harder than Delaware's basketball team in a road contest, it won't be the taxpayers subsidizing their foolish arrogance. Because to penalize the students and the innocent residents who are caught up in this idiocy only because of where they live would be an injustice. These board members are brazenly gambling with other people's money. When they lose, the consequences shouldn't be felt all over southern Delaware.