Thursday, March 02, 2006

IR School Board Ready To Piss Away Taxpayer's $$$

To those that congregated at the special school board meeting earlier this week, it was a gutsy move. They stood up for principle. Stood up against the ACLU. And as they're going to find out, stood up to their insurance company and the lawyers involved by telling them all to fuck off. No one is going to tell the Indian River School Board they can't take the time during school board meetings and other school-related functions to pray "in Jesus' name."

No one said that board members and anyone else involved in the schools can't take their own time to pray. If I'm not mistaken, part of the deal with the ACLU and the plaintiffs in the matter is that all non-denominational forms of prayer and thanks would be perfectly acceptable. But that isn't good enough, not in a place where ACLU is a four letter word. Rumors are abundant that not only did they want the righ to pray the way they want to, but they also sought hard to squash anyone else's attempt at religious content that didn't conform to their style of Christianity.

Ultimately this is going to be a colossal embarassment for the board members. I have a better chance of getting enveloped in a sizzling and torrid affair with Jessica Biel than these folks do of winning their case. The settlement negotiated by their lawyers and the plaintiffs would have meant a $1 million payoff. Now? Who knows. When they lose their insurance company will be absolutely livid after the insurer's lawyers were told to go to hell. IR taxpayers, welcome to a property tax increase. The damages awarded will be likely more than a million dollars I'm sure. That'll lead to a bigger increase. And of course, the cost of paying Neuberger and all the associated court costs will have to ultimately lead to yet an even bigger tax increase. Well, either that or else residents better not expect any sort of services next year.

Later this year you can expect a proposed bill to circulate through Dover that would absolve school board members from being named as defendants in future cases, thus making sure they never have to pay out of their own wallets anything when the board gets sued. Whether there's enough support in the legislature to pass it remains to be seen, but if some have their way it will be. But one can only hope that ultimately, when the IR Board gets smacked down harder than Delaware's basketball team in a road contest, it won't be the taxpayers subsidizing their foolish arrogance. Because to penalize the students and the innocent residents who are caught up in this idiocy only because of where they live would be an injustice. These board members are brazenly gambling with other people's money. When they lose, the consequences shouldn't be felt all over southern Delaware.


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