Thursday, February 09, 2006

Old People On Sussex Roads

Frankly it's gotten to be too much. I'm not advocating anything close to keeping 'em all from getting behind the wheel. No no. But testing them on an annual basis is one hell of an idea.

Consider, last year the string of fatal accidents up and down Route 113, many of which involved an elderly person not yielding the right of way or pulling out in front of traffic.

Consider, right around Christmas time an older woman has a heart attack in the plaza where the Staples and Superfresh is on Route One in Rehoboth. Her car goes from that parking lot, across BOTH lanes of traffic on Route One, and hits a pillar in front of the H&R Block and Planned Parenthood. She passes away, but amazingly no one was hit.

Consider, someone plows into the Lewest Post Office near 5 Points.

Those examples are just the ones off the top of my head. For years I've heard how driving is a privilige, not a right. Why doesn't it apply to the elderly too? If they can't handle themselves behind the wheel anymore, as history has shown, the consequences can be deadly. Yet in Delaware right now we don't bother testing people after they get their license, when history has quite so clearly shown we should.

Sadly, you and I both know that there isn't one legislator in the state who has the balls or the guts to propose such a new law. Instead we'll just see accident after accident happen, and life after life get taken senselessly. Yet another instance of lawmakers valuing re-election over the right thing.


At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the barriers that you see in fron tof wawa are a direct result of my grandfather driving though a wawa about 20 years ago. my wifes grandfater got in the car about 4 years ago, missed a turn and ended up in virginia. we picked him up at a hosp[ital after he ran a tractor trailer off the road and a cop followed him for 15 miles with lights and sirens flashing without him realizing it. oddly enough, his car was in the same parking lot in virginia that the first of the beltway sniper shootings happened the next day.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Nancy Willing said...

Y'all have to ask Bob Stickels where are the road improvements to handle the huge influx of new residnets and the traffic that came with them. Your Sussex council and county staff ahve put the cart before the horse and you don't even have impact fees from all of this development now do you?

That is why us NCC folk love to sling the slower Delaware lable at you. You are letting your beautiful county get bamboozled by the biggest business in town: housing and realty. The PGA bunch of growth advocates have just gotten a legis to hold back DNREC's Pollution Contro Strategy for the Inland Bays for another 6 or more months, gee......swell.

More, better nothing. Is it the old people crashing or the greedy cashing in that is the main problem here?

All of the road improvements that DelDOT promised are off the table for now and who knows when you'll get them. You need to GET WITH IT and mandate some hefty impact fees. Hell, Ruth Ann Minner just gave Sussex 6-7 more state police when Biff Lee says you need 60. That is part of infrastructure!!!!!

Police. schools and teachers, roads and mass trans, ER and other medical, WATER and SEWER, even wild life and open space, parks and rec fall into this picture.

These all add up to quality of life which the state tries to provide in recommended growth zones, rural zones AG preservation etc to keep this growth manageable and less expensive.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

Is traffic a pain in the ass here? Yes.

Is Biff Lee the most worthless, do-nothing legislator this side of Harrington's village idiot? Undoubtedly. Though we can play poker at charity events now, thank goodness.

And are old people still a danger on the road? Again, the answer is yes.


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