Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Infante Interrupted

It's been kind of surprising that more people haven't paid much attention to the legal troubles surrounding former Independent candidate for governor, Frank Infante. Yeah yeah, so no one beyond the regular at Bull Dozer's voted for him last year. But he was damn fun to listen to, and if he weren't so damn honest and open he might actually have been a legitimate candidate.

Anyway, it seems as if he made little ole Sussex's favorite conservative mouthpiece his outlet of choice. (Or maybe we should trust the internet and find out for ourselves that there's life beyond the farm) First he went on Ron Letterman's show to say that he had evidence that would prove him innocent, and insinuated that his wife had lost her marbles and he was going to make sure she got them back together. But the next morning on Dan Gaffney's show he wouldn't come right out and say that he never beat up his wife. Odd, considering his otherwise outspoken nature.

Alas nothing happened at that Family Court hearing, as it got pushed back a week because of dueling restraining orders. I hate it when that happens!

I really hope things get all cleared up with him and that his political career can stay afloat. Not because I agree with everything he says or believes. But because he's just so damn fun to hear talk. If he had been a math teacher I'd have passed calculous. If he was a rabbi I'd become jewish. If he was from Cape May, well I guess I'd have to let him have Jersey all to his-self. I'll only go so far! But Fran Infante is one of the characters that makes politics fun in Delaware, there's no doubt about it.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Nancy Willing said...

How about the parallel to the nice guy principal who just resigned to be with his family and then did an Infante on his wife in a parking lot.
You never know. Those actions come back to haunt but can be surpassed: Tom Carper had the shady on his lady too.


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