Friday, March 03, 2006

Why Biden vs. McCain Would Be A Dream

First off, who knew that the latest issue of GQ (the one with that dude from Lost on the cover) had a profile of Biden inside? It's a pretty interesting read. Certainly paints a different picture of the man from what I hear down here in Sussex, including from some Dems.

Anyway, deep into the article it mentions a pledge that Biden and McCain made to each other that if they're the nominees for their parties, they'll actually campaign TOGETHER. Not as a joint ticket, but to actually show up at places and hold impromptu debates with each other. Supposedly like Kennedy and Goldwater agreed to do in '64. Can you imagine McCain and Biden duking it out in a respectable manner all through 2008's cycle?

Of course, as GQ said immediately after that statement:

"It's a lovely notion, isn't it?
What's likelier to happen is that the bloggers and the talk-radio loudmouths will try to bury a Biden candidacy in 1987's muck."

Right now my gut tells me neither one win the nomination anyway. Some days I think Biden would be fine, more often though I think that not only is there no way he gets it but it's better that way anyway. Luckily it's still 2006. Besides, it'll be more fun to see how many Republicans Mike Protack can piss off between now and the summer. Mike, I know the airline industry is tough but if you want to endear yourself to the party you've got to change your slimy ways. Right now, you're just not well liked.

Additional Comment: Biden stressed repeatedly through the article that he felt one thing working against him was that he wasn't liberal enough for the Democrats. I read that and I think to myself you know, Biden is to the left of me. But I think Bush is awful too. Where exactly do I sit then? Thinking about it more though, I think that's more Biden trying to appeal to middle America. On foreign policy though, if I think back to a lot of what he's said over the last few years it's not that bad. Yeah, he talks a lot. Yeah, he's more politics than he is real. Yeah, if you're not Meet the Press or Chris Matthews he doesn't have time for you. Yeah, I'm not saying this with much certainty yet. But, after reading that article, maybe he isn't that bad? Good thing 2008 is a long way away. If foreign policy will be the most important Presidential focus over the next several years, the Dems, and this country could do a lot worse I guess. Even if they could do better too.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous bettyoops! said...

are you kidding me! democrats want biden for secretary of state..and mccain that ole fart didnt we have enough the alzheimer patient reagan who took naps all day and let others (neo cons) do the work. get serious here if you expect to win any hearts and minds.

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