Monday, February 20, 2006

The Races Start To Heat

With candidates starting to file against the statewide candidates running for congress this year, I got to wondering who will come closer to knocking off the incumbants Carper and Castle. Will it be the Democratic Dennis Spivack, running in a decidedly Democratic state who gives Castle a run for his money? Or will Jan Ting, the Republican professor from Philadelphia making Carper spend some of that money he's raised? The answer obviously right now is that we don't know.

But come November, I'd be surprised if Ting doens't give Carper more of a race than anyone first thought someone could. And while Castle's office on Capitol Hill isn't likely to need movers either, I somehow expect him to finish better than Carper. And that's no knock on the junior senator from Delaware, who is doing a fine job in DC. But early on it appears as if Ting is more than just a sacrificial lamb. He may not win, and I'd be surprised if he does, but I hope this isn't his only stab at it. If this is a warmup for '08, when Biden runs for the Presidency, Delaware may lean more Republican on Capitol Hill in two years, even if the rest of the state is a solid blue.


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