Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bridgeville Bans Sex Offenders

Not completely, but pretty close to it. Sex offenders can no longer live within a half mile of places like schools, day care centers, playgrounds, parks, and on and on. Look at Bridgeville, getting tough on crime. Protecting the kids. Parents, go ahead and let your kids run around unsupervised now!

Oh wait, you mean there isn't anything stopping them from just going to those same places they aren't allowed to live? You mean similar laws have only meant that more and more sex offenders go unregistered on a daily basis? And that nearly every police report we read regarding sex offenders caught in the area talks about how the scumbag knew the child and their family long before any molestation began?

Bridgeville: We act tough on crime, it makes us sound like we're doing something, without actually having done jack squat to really protect you.


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