Friday, December 02, 2005

Seriously, Someone Finish The Job

How in the name of all that is good AND entertaining, can the same network that gives us the wit and intelligence of Keith Olbermann for an hour every night then turn around and give an hour to the most unintelligent, dimwitted, and otherwise jizz covered fingernails on a chalkboard Rita Cosby?

Honestly, with a voice that sounds like a wolverine ripped out half her vocal chords you'd think she'd have nooooooo business even speaking into a microphone. Seriously no matter what she said, and we knooooow it wasn't worth listening to, the first dipshit producer that gave her a microphone should never work in TV again. Though chances are there is a management position at one of the TV stations in Salisbury awaiting them. Will somebody please reach down into that wind tunnel of worthlessness that is her throat and take the rest of those vocal chords out though? Pretty please?

And it wouldn't be so bad if the douches at the network didn't feel that the same people who watch an intelligent and entertaining show hosted by Olbermann, one that's both informative, off-beat, and otherwise fantastic, with a wasted hour talking about Natalee Holloway. Honestly, has no one else disappeared in this world? You mean no one is kidnapped and/or killed but her, on a "school trip" to a fucking Carribean Island? Just one pretty white girl, with substantial naivete and poor judgement, with good looks and a face that looks more innocent than it apparently was is the most worthwhile news story of all of 2005. MSNBC MUUUUST spend one show talking about the latest developments, though last I checked there was no body just lots of pretty shark bait, because it matters that much. Please, stop it.

And get Rita Cosby off my fucking television.


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