Monday, November 28, 2005

Holding Your Booze For Ransom

In the news again is the debate about open containers in Delaware, and how a good chunk of money is held back from construction funding because Delaware's lawmakers don't see the big deal with letting passengers tip some back while riding down the dirt roads of ole Sussex. Because we already have laws against DUI, laws that are pretty limiting already, it should be enough to placate those fat cats and busy bodies in congress. But apparently not. In these times of financial distress, the chorus will sing louder about the need to pass that simple law so that Delaware can spend more money to build roads. They will be wrong, and it's imperrative that the legislature understands that.

Just because me and Billy Bob tip back a few Buds on our way to a party doesn't mean that Jimmy John is tipping one back too. And if we do get pulled over and Jimmy John has booze on his breath, his fat ass is already hoping his overalls sustain a trip to the big house. No need to go beyond that. Other states nearby (I'm look at you sissies in Maryland and Virginia) have overturned their open containers law. Hopefully Delaware doesn't follow suit. There's just absolutely no need for it, besides allowing some politician to grand stand and act like they're tough on crime and drunk drivers. And there are enough issues to use to grand stand already.


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