Friday, October 28, 2005

Media Note: Why Is This Man Smiling?

Perhaps because after his two day suspension this week, it's one more reason why when next summer comes around, it'll be a summer without Steve for WBOC? Now in real life his head is never that big, but when he gets behind camera his ego needs somewhere to go. But for berating some of the idiots there and actually asking for some intelligence to eminate from his news at 6pm, he's the one that gets in trouble? No wonder that station's newscasts are so underwhelming. Too bad we can't get a buck for every time he says this is his last contract there, we might have less time to blog and more time to sail down the French Riviera. But I still have a hard time wondering why he gets in trouble when it's the dumbass producer who nearly made the monumentous (yes we know, but apparently she didn't) mistake.


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where is Steve now?


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