Sunday, October 23, 2005

Media Note: New TV Station Coming To Delaware?

Help!! Don't ignore us! This is Meyer Gottesman of Macon, GA. I am the President
and majority owner of Rehoboth Beach Communications, Inc. We own the FCC CP
a new LPTV station to serve Rehoboth Beach. a-We will be only the third
commercial TV station in all of Delaware! b-We will be the ONLY commercial
station in Sussex county, DE. c-We will be the ONLY commercial TV station
Delaware with both studios and transmitter IN Delaware! Channel 59, about
watts ERP. Our call letters are WRDE-LP. R=Behoboth Beach, the DE is
"duh:!!!!! LOL! I am age 70 and a radio ham since 1950. Was the past
and founder on non-commercial KPOO FM in San Francisco, CA. It is
on the air
since 1973.... . Don't ignore us. We intend to be the finest damn
TV station in
Delaware! Cordially, Meyer Gottesman, W6GIV

I guess my first question is what network he plans to affiliate himself with? It's my understanding (and I could be wrong, I'm no expert) that an NBC affiliate has been allotted to the area, though never used. I also thought the only other TV allocation was in Seaford. But that sort of FCC red tape stuff is of zero interest to me.

My feeling is that this will be a less than successful venture. Though if this guy is willing to spend some decent money on a news department it COULD work. After all WMDT is a non-factor out of Salisbury, and the nimrods that run WBOC could use some competition that actually cares. Don't get me wrong there are some good reporters there, but somewhere a court should order that the management wear more makeup, so that it's evident to everyone that the station is run by a bunch of clowns.


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