Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is Delaware's Republican Party A Lame Duck Venture Or Bucking A Trend?

A recent Washington Post article highlighted the fact that even in otherwise Republican strongholds, or at least red leaning states, the GOP is having a tough time finding their top choices to run against Democratic senators. Currently the GOP has for the most part the nation's voting popularity in firm grasp, what with a 55-44 grasp on the US Senate and a sizeable advantage in the House. But with all the scandals plaguing the party, much of it brought on by its member's own hubris, it's no longer as fashionable to be a card-carrying Republican as it was even last year.

One state that is bucking that trend appears to be Delaware. If you're up in Wilmington then of course you're laughing. But down here in lovely Sussex the population keeps going up as does the number of registered Republicans. The State House is already controlled by the GOP while the leadership in the Senate are Dems in name only. Judge Bill Lee put up a noble challenge and kept the race close against Governor Minner, who won only because of the voting bloc in New Castle County. Already there's speculation on who may run in '08. First off it'll be a bit easier since Jack Markell (who isn't running for anything but State Treasurer, riiiight) and John Carney appear to be sharpening the knives. And the candidates appear to be testing the waters so to speak. Charlie Copeland, Colin Bonini, and Wayne Smith (especially Wayne) have to make up the short list, though Bonini has already said Lt. Governor ain't a bad gig either. Otherwise they're well spoken, upstate Republicans who can all make the Democrats work for votes. Down the line Georgetown's own Joe Booth could give it a go.

So how come no one wants to step up against Tom Carper? Okay, so the guy like never loses an election. And he's probably one of the easiest Dems to like on Capitol Hill. But for a lot of years now the state GOP has been going down like some of Newark's finest coeds. Jane Brady would rather apply for a job on the State Superior Court than bother with taking on Baby Biden, and once that office is vacated the only ones held by Republicans will be so inconsequential, the only reason Dems aren't holding them now is because they don't care. One way to gain traction for 2008 (a year the Balding Biden is both running for President, and perhaps for his Senate seat again) would be to send up a strong challenge in '06. But just over a year from election day, all we see is Mike Protack, the perenial loser. Of course no one wants to have major election losses on their resume and going against Carper is probably the easiest way to get one. But if the GOP in Delaware wants to be taken seriously again (and quite frankly, if I ever look past the dirt roads that make up Slower Lower, I have a hard time doing that) then the least they could do is TRY and put up a challenge. And that's something Ken Grant and his buddies just aren't doing.

Meanwhile right now as Governor Minner continues to run her administration like a high school drop out, (oh wait) all the state Republicans have been good for is a few snappy quips here and there. Sure they sound good, but when it comes time to getting stuff done in Leg Hall what do they accomplish? Aside from the Democrats' legislative goals that is?


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Dana Garrett said...

It looks like Michelle Collins will pick up the mantle for the Repubs against Carper:


That makes sense. Only someone w/ deep pockets could stand a chance.


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