Friday, October 28, 2005

The "I" Stands For Indictment

Delaware's senators react to the indictment of I. Lewes Libby:

"I take no satisfaction in learning of the indictment handed down today by
the special prosecutor. It is a sad day for Mr. Libby and his family, and
for the country.

"But the system, the rule of law prevails, and
those who break
the law will be held accountable, even if they work in the

"My greatest concern is that America faces enormous
challenges at home and
abroad, and I worry that the credibility of the
Office of the President is
diminished at this critical time when we need it
most." -- Senator Joe
Biden (D)

And further on:

"These are serious charges against one of the Bush administration's
most-trusted advisors. Regardless of your political views, it's a sad
for this country when the vice president's chief of staff is charged
perjury and obstruction of justice.

"I'm dissapointed in
the president. It shouldn't have taken a special
prosecutor two years
to uncover what happened and find out who was
involved. When I was
governor, if any of my senior aides had been involved
in something like
this, I woudl have demanded the truth immediately. If I
had found any
impropriety there, I would have taken action. The president
have done the same thing.

"Unfortunately, this indictment and all
the other scandals that have
enveloped the Republican Party of late are
hurting our ability to get things
done. These scandals distract us
from doing the people's work and coming
together to improve the lives of
everyday Americans.

"When public servants break the law, it damages
all public servants, no
matter what party you're from. It hurts our
ability to govern, and it
hurts our relationship with the American people
who find it harder and harder to
trust our elected leaders." --
Senator Tom Carper (D)

Gee, which one of those statements comes from the guy running for higher office? Well okay, so Carper is facing re-election next year, but it isn't like a credibile candidate has emerged. Biden on the other hand is considered a roving co-host on the Sunday morning shows where everyone knows he wants to run for the White House in a few more years. No matter what your politics, you need not look far to find someone from each side of the punditry saying how it's a great day for their side, or a disappointing one. For me, Stuttering Tom just reinforced why we like him so. By the way, I think Biden was just warming up knowing that the best is likely still to come for him and the other Democrats on the hill. Why use a good soundbite now when more microphones could be thrust in your face?


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