Friday, October 07, 2005

Enough Tomfoolery

Vince Vaughn put it best in "Old School" saying: "Legally speaking there will be a loose affiliation. But, we will give nothing back to the academic community. As well as provide no public service of any kind. This much I promise you."

Now that we've had a bit of Friday afternoon fun, lets be somewhat serious. Rep. Mike Castle (R) is again defying the Bush Administration, this time supporting measures to establish guidelines for the interrogation of detaines both in Cuba and elsewhere around the world. The Bush Admin. was royally pissed at the US Senate for passing it earlier this week. I'm guessing any even sliver of hope Castle may have had for his stem cell bill just got Abu Ghraibed.

Though as personal preference, the day that Republicans like Castle are given more relevance and consideration will be a good one in America. And to those loons on the right who think Castle is the best Democrat that Delaware has, well, a few more D's in congress wouldn't hurt right now. It isn't like the Republicans have exactly behaved with the keys to the gavel since taking power in 1994.


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