Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Don't Worry, We Get Ill Just Thinking About Her

So the governor has been laid up in bed the last couple days with a little head cold. I mean geez, I guess I never realized how hard it can be to cut ribbons and attend over-pomped banquets? I mean, first she can't make it to the Teacher of the Year Dinner. That's bad enough. But if she doesn't start taking it easy soon, before you know it when something that REALLY matters around the state comes up she'll be too sick to handle something where leadership is required. What if thousands of Delawareans are about to lose their jobs just in time for Christmas? What if a scathing report comes out suggesting that Delaware's prisons make the Lewes Sewer System look clean? What if our state transportation department happened to run out of money and a giant bridge that is of huuuuuuuuge economic importance to the southern end of the state was about to wash away at the next high tide?

Luckily all is well in this here first state and we don't have anything to worry about. I'll go to bed tonight confident that a bed-ridden governor is just resting up so that by, ohhhhhh, next Saturday or so she'll be back on her feet and raring to go. And when she does, she'll be front and center at a number of important issues affecting all of us. Because that's how Governor Minner does things. Effectively. With leadership. Remember, Done!

Okay, time for another shot of NyQuil!


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