Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Can This Be Changed?

If so, how do we do it? Isn't it time we started doing it? Does the Bush Administration even know they need to be doing it?

• Forty-five per cent of Iraqis believe attacks against British and
American troops are justified - rising to 65 per cent in the
Maysan province;
• 82 per cent are "strongly opposed"
to the presence of
coalition troops;
• less than one per cent of the
population believes
coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in
• 67 per
cent of Iraqis feel less secure because of the
• 43 per cent of
Iraqis believe conditions for peace and
stability have worsened;
• 72 per
cent do not have confidence in the
multi-national forces.
The opinion poll,
carried out in August, also
debunks claims by both the US and British
governments that the general
well-being of the average Iraqi is improving in
post-Saddam Iraq.
findings differ markedly from a survey carried out by
the BBC in March 2004
in which the overwhelming consensus among the 2,500 Iraqis
questioned was
that life was good. More of those questioned supported the war
than opposed

For every post like Arthur's down below, and it's an extremely persuasive argument against the rabid ideologues that have captured the heards and minds of Iraquis, I again wonder if we're fighting a losing battle? I mean, are these the answers, and are the attacks that occur every day the actions of those who want our help?

It isn't like the billions spent every month can't be better spent elsewhere. And isn't it time for other so called "allies" in the middle east to step up and help with the process too? Does Saudi Arabia realllllly think that if civil war continues without the presence of coalition troops they won't be affected? And with the current state of affairs, it's becoming painfully obvious that we aren't up to the necessary task of regime change in Syria and Iran (though who knows what may have happened had we started in either of those countries in the first place, as logic dicated) and failing to achieve that is one more reason I worry we'll fail to achieve what we as a country set out to do.

When our so-called "allies" in the region stab us in the back and offer us minimal support, cursing us in Arabic while praising us in English (and hey, since we fired all the translators for being gay, how do you expect to be able to call them out?) how much can be achieved? When a President lambasts a challenger and distorts his statements so it sounds like he says something about a world's permission slip, and then turns around and lets Pakistan dictate that American troops can't cross its borders (ie; denial of permission, and letting another country dictate our foreign policy), what can be achieved? For the record, I'd be surprised if covert ops weren't there anyway, but still.

It's become transparently clear that after a number of incorrect and misleading statements (mushroom clouds, Ms Rice?) that got us into the war, nothing has been done to correct anything. Those who were wrong get medals for it. Others get promoted elsewhere. And we're told to stay the course which has been so bereft with mistakes and worse, as if things might magically change. Can't someone just wake up and offer a radical change? If we can't just up and leave (and not only do I accept that argument, I think I still agree with it) then perhaps something else will happen to radically change the direction.

Sadly, when it comes to leading I think Bush and Governor Minner studied under the same spoiled brat. Fuck accountability, we answer to no one. And death in Iraq or in a Delaware prison (which these days seem remarkably similar) doesn't prove that anything is wrong.


At 12:56 AM, Blogger Arthur Dales said...

Ah ha... The other side of the coin! You know, Dickie... People might think we're just the same person... just each giving opposite arguments. That would be a great swindle.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Dickie Dunn said...

Are you saying we're arguing just to argue? After railing about the feminzation of men (which, btw, I sort of agree with though only when my balls are being put in a vice), isn't that a little womanly?

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Arthur Dales said...

yeah, but i'm frustrated


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